Redstone 4D was founded in 2009 by graphic designer and artist Cori Redstone. Redstone 4D contracts works with specialists in the fields of film, animation, 3D animation and sound to create memorable and solid concepts for both business and personal projects. We specialize in artist books, luxury brand management, magazine advertisements and product labels.


In 2009 founder Cori Redstone began creating banners, screenprints, designs and concepts for the human rights and intersectional environmental movements. Her work in that field has been seen in numerous places including being featured in most international news outlets, on the covers of major news papers and even incorporated into multiple feature films and television shows. Most recently, her work with 350.org and artist Issaac Murdoch for the Standing Rock protests were utilized in a major series. 


Redstone has worked with a number of businesses and instutions on projects including 350.org, Rising Tide North America, Peaceful Uprising, Community Action Programs, DENK Gallery, MOCA Tucson and many more.